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The G20 Youth Forum (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, May 7-11, 2014) has been the largest international event organized for young leaders in 2014, and over 1200 young leaders, students and academics, young members of parliaments, representatives of the business world and governments participated in it.

The G20 Youth Forum 2014 had 3 main platforms:

I. G20 Youth Summit participants were eminent students and young experts in the field of international relations, economics, finance and law who were nominated by the presidents of their universities and institutions to become young head of state or ministers in the national youth delegations to the G20 Youth Summit.

Five G20 Youth Summit Committees were working in parallel:

  • Committee 1: Entrepreneurial Climate for Youth
  • Committee 2: Family and Career Opportunities for Young People
  • Committee 3: Accessibility of Education and Human Rights
  • Committee 4: Food Security and Resources of the Future
  • Committee 5: Tax System and Living Conditions for Youth

The result of a 3-day G20 Youth Summit was the final Communiqué (recommendations) discussed and approved by the participants. The Communiqué is being disseminated throughout the world and shared, in particular, with the G20 Heads of States and leading international organizations such as IMF, World Bank, OECD, European Commission, or United Nations Organization.

II. Conference was an international academic event for representatives from the 60 best Universities in the world who are experts in international relations, economics, finance and law. Eight round tables with presentations by academics and students followed by discussions were working in parallel:

  1. Economics and Finance
  2. Law and Human Rights
  3. World Politics and International relations
  4. Social Affairs and Medicine
  5. Ecology, Environment and Energy
  6. Design, Technology and Innovations
  7. Education and Youth
  8. Humanities: history, philosophy, linguistics, arts and journalism. 

The articles submitted for the Conference were published articles in the Conference Proceedings.

III. International Young Parliamentarians' Debate was a meeting of international young parliamentarians from all the G20 countries, who are under 45 years of age, with the purpose of exchanging ideas and experience in all the aspects of creating and implementing legislation. 

As a result of the discussions, the Joint Statement has been issued.

IV. Joint Sessions is a number of meetings of the participants of G20 Youth Summit, Conference and International Young Parlamentarians' Debate.

The main purposes of Joint Sessions are:

  • To reunite the participants of three main platforms of the G200 Youth Forum for further professional development and realization of joint projects;
  • To continue the integration of the participants of different levels into the common global community with the aim of helping to solve the current world issues.

Within three round tables participants can share their particular professional and academic experiences:

  • Perspectives and Problems of Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Innovations for Sustainable Development
  • Global Migration Issues: cultural dimension, working places and globalization

The result of Joint Sessions discussion was Joint Sessions reports.

The outcomes of each platform were united in The Final Result documents of the G20 Youth Forum.

On 8 May G20 Youth Forum 2014 participants came together for the Opening Ceremony which also was broadcast live through the official web-site. The Internet users could follow up the discussion and ask their questions to panel in the online mode. The Opening Ceremony panelists inspired participants with their fascinating stories about how they brought their ideas to life and prove that anyone can make the world a better place. The stories on the topic «Becoming the change you want to see» were overwhelming:

Global Impact in Ecology (13 billion trees planted, 27000 ambassadors, 10000 media coverage worldwide)

  • Impact in Technology (unique technologies shaping the Boeing innovations development)
  • Impact in Social Integration (refugees from Congo, Ruanda, Ghana, Colombia, Ecuador as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka in the leadership of Canadian development)
  • Impact in Education (Australian students tackle the problem of unemployment)
  • Impact in Charity (retrieve children from the Syrian Civil War disaster)
  • Impact in Environment protection (Young Chinese lady defended the nature against offensive civilization)
  • Impact in the development of the responsible executive generation (G-20Y Summit gathering 100 c-level executives from the international leading companies)

The 7 panelists in this year’s plenary session represent the broad range of interests and exemplifies the kind of vision as well as the professionalism, the commitment and skills necessary to improve our world.

After the official events participants concentrated directly at the working day which was started with the first ever Joint Sessions platform of the G20 Youth Summit, Conference and International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate participants. The Sessions marked the first time that such a broad and variegated audience gathered together to discuss global agenda.

In order to inspire the G20 Youth Forum participants on the mutual work G8 & G20 Alumni Association prepared an interesting and creative atmosphere of the evening activities: G20 Youth Forum Opening Gala Dinner and Classical Concert and Bavarian concert and Closing Gala Dinner. Culture and art are a significant part of every country, and annually G8 & G20 Alumni Association makes participants acquainted with host country`s culture. The atmosphere of friendship and lightness helped participant to get to know each other better and to become ready for further engrossing work.

The G8 & G20 Alumni Association is a Swiss-based association which reunites the alumni of the G8 & G20 Youth Summits' as well as independent experts in areas relevant to G8 & G20. The Headquarter of the G8 & G20 Alumni Association is based in Geneva, Switzerland.




Bongiwe Pricilla Mbinqo-Gigaba
Member of Parliament, South Africa
Bongiwe Pricilla Mbinqo-Gigaba

It’s a great opportunity for young parliamentarians all over the world to meet and share views of how to deal with issues in different places.

As a participant of G20 Youth Forum I’ve got information from others, what views, what people are doing, how best can we practice in our places and how we can improve our society.

It was a good experience and I think for next Forums it will be better to get more countries to share their ideas together.

Jenny Mikakos
Member of Parliament, Australia
Jenny Mikakos

I think the main purpose of the G20 Youth Forum is to bring together students, academics and young parliamentarians around the world to share ideas as to how we can make a better world. It is very important to have an understanding of the views of each social group fora successful policy.

It has been a very successful Forum. I wish to congratulate the organizers. I thought it was very interesting to be able to learn more from my colleagues at the International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate about the respective nations and native societies. We have decided many important questions and we will try to implement them in our countries.

Liv Holm Andersen
Member of Parliament, Denmark
Liv Holm Andersen

I expected to come here, to share a lot of ideas with representatives from parliaments and also from academic institutions. First of all I met some incredible people and second of all most importantly I got a lot of inspiration on my field which is social issues.

In our section we have very interesting papers and point of views. The greatest thing is to notice how really different systems and societies we representing. And at the same time we can agree on so many goals and aims for this world and for our countries to work on together. And that is very incredible, great.

I hope that Denmark will make really priority and send more not only MP but also representatives from local parliaments and more Universities because I think it’s a great opportunity to our young parliamentarians, youth and students to be inspired and to inspire others.

Maria Magdalena Matthys
Member of Parliament, South Africa
Maria Magdalena Matthys

I think it’s a very good cause for young people. In my vision the purpose of G20 Youth Forum is to encourage young people to learn and educate themselves, to unit them. I also think that it’s good opportunity for academics to come and share their experience. And also for young parliamentarians to be an example for the countries, they can encourage more youth, young people to participate in this program.

I talked about professionalism of women in South Africa and I’ve learnt a lot from other countries about agenda issues.

Alvin Botes
Member of the Executive Council, South Africa
Alvin Botes

One of the objective things of G20 Youth Forum is to insure a comprehension of network, to exchange intellectual and societal ideas among current youth leaders, formal youth leaders and those working on the youth agenda across the world.

One of my colleagues on the International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate presented me kangaroo – I’m from South Africa, I was in Russia and received an Australian kangaroo. It’s the exchange of ideas and network. So this little kangaroo symbolizes this.

It’s a good platform for intellectual debate and it should be held annually.

Bing Ren
Professor, Nankai University, China
Bing Ren

According to my understanding, G8 and G20 originally focused on the finances and economic issues. But through out of the years and particularly my personal participation this time I think the issue animation becomes broader than that. It is not only economy and finance, but social issues, environmental issues and arts, history. Very different areas comes together to discuss and make dialogue together.

I hope to involve myself in different kinds of platforms – I can speak out my opinion and suggestions – that makes my exchange here more meaningful.
I work in education, I pay attention to educating young people – so I find a lot of common problems around the world. That makes me inspired with the idea that we should participate in these meetings and thanks to G8 and G20 Alumni Association for inviting me hear.

And the other impressive thing is: I think G20 Youth Forum have made great efforts in organizing many people together and try to collect the ideas and also to make this activities more interesting and alive. That is also good impression for me.

Shinya Hanaoka
Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Shinya Hanaoka

When I go back to Japan I would like to inform about G20 Youth Forum other faculty members, also international division of our University. Then I will recommend some students from our faculty to join this Forum over the next two years.

Xinghua Liu
Assistant Professor, Nankai University, China
Xinghua Liu

This is very famous, impressive and huge youth forum, and also well organized. My first impression was that we can meet with different people from other countries. There are different cultures, different national dresses – for me it is good experience to meet new people from all over the world.

G20 Youth Forum is very good instrument for public all over the world in different countries to learn about G20, especially for the young leaders and youth elites in different countries. I think it will play very important role in the media, in the mobilization, press mobilization in different countries.

Hai Tao Huang
Lecturer of Zhou Enlai School of Government, Nankai University, China
Hai Tao Huang

Firstly, it’s very precious experience for me. I can meet people all around the world more than 60 countries. It’s very good opportunity to speak with them and to exchange ideas. And, secondly, communications is not enough – we can understand each other and then we can understand ideas of the whole world; especially I’m very happy to see that the future young leaders they gather together. This may be a good guarantee for the development of the world. They have fresh ideas – and this is very important.

Marçal Avelino Salazar Marques Mendes
Jurist, University of Minho, Portugal
Marçal Avelino Salazar Marques Mendes

The purpose of the Forum is very well constructed. I think it makes us like a prototype of government. It develops a capacity of communicating with people and with some ministers and with the government itself. It’s important for participants that they go home and make there some kind of experiments and be reasonable and capable to understand the solution to each country and for the whole world.

Connell Wise
Founder, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive, United States Youth Chamber of Commerce, USA
Connell Wise

In my understanding of the main purpose of G20 Youth Forum it is the international cooperation between different countries of the world to basically bring a global understanding how the leaders economic and financial crisis are facing in the world and how to avoid those crisises.

Meaghan Anne Williams
Teaching Assistant, Queen's University, Canada
Meaghan Anne Williams

The networking opportunity is incredible and it’s very encouraging to meet young people from all over the world who are interested to talk in same kinds of issues, answering the same kinds of problems, working together, collaborating. Not just making new friends but hopefully making new peers, colleagues to work in these issues in future.

The conference has been incredible for learning more about what the academic world can do to facilitate change in the real world. Sometimes academia is so theoretical that you lose sight of what is actually going on. But this conference has proved that there are a number of individual academics working to harmonize that view.

Melina Djulancic
J.D. Candidate, University of Manitoba, Canada
Melina Djulancic

It is the nice opportunity to get together with the young people from around the world. For me it’s important that people discussing their ideas. Our group was concentrating on the young entrepreneurships and all important things around this field. Basically entrepreneurship in schools is one of our recommendations and easier access to capital for businesses.

Abraham Johannes Swanepoel
Student, North-West University, South Africa
Abraham Johannes Swanepoel

Thinking that we are the future leaders of tomorrow G20 Youth Forum gives as an opportunity to start to get used to discuss things, used to live in them and exchanging points of view with other people.

I think it is awesome opportunity just to meet other people, get up different points of view from different countries. As I’m from South Africa and we are still developing country to get point of views that is from developed countries. It gives me lot of knowledge that you can take back to your country and try to employ it in your country system.

Aya Fujita
Student, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Aya Fujita

G20 Youth Forum is: A lot of people from international society build a partnership, leadership and friendship.

I got a lot of intellectual involvements, we discussed about health care, child care and women empowerment. Each country has different background and situation; it’s very great to know about what country has the same and which are different.

Fei Yang Qi
MA Student, University of Birmingham, UK
Fei Yang Qi

The main purpose of G20 Youth Forum is young leaders working together and think about how to push the world by the small steps.

I think there are a lot of benefits in participating in G20 Youth Forum, for example team work variety, especially to make others think about your points and change your views in discussions.

Floris Busscher
Student, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Floris Busscher

I think the main purpose at our level – at a Youth Summits and at a Conference, is to bring together young people with ideas, with creativities and with innovations. To bring together, to exchange ideas and maybe together come to enhance ideas to create a synergy between the creativity of young people. Opportunities is to meet always amazing young people which enhance your network in international level and also to be inspired by people from other countries and to increase and enhance your own prospective, how you see things in a multinational way with different cultures and different political system influencing its positions.

The most interesting moment is an Opening Ceremony – lovely discussion between people from all different kinds of fields, from different countries who exchange ideas on education which is of course the kind of thing that applies to all of us. So to see it and try to feel the G20 spirit on the ceremony was the highlight.

Italo Ribeiro Alves
Student, President of the International Business Society, Quinnipiac University, Brazil
Italo Ribeiro Alves

One on my career paths that I have been potentially exploring will be diplomacy. I believe that dialoging with young people from all other the world I can practice my cultural and communicational skills and learn how to debate and understand the social issues.

Lindsay Ann Markle
Student, Purdue University, USA
Lindsay Ann Markle

The purpose of the Forum is to exchange ideas between other countries. It’s such a unique opportunity because everyone here comes with an open mind and it’s really interesting learn about other cultures. It’s really a unique experience – I’m really glad I came here.

I expected to hear different prospectives about government’s role and society and it met my expectations.

Megan Eleri David
Student, Cardiff University, UK
Megan Eleri David

The main purpose of G20 Youth Forum is sort of empowering young people to feel like they can make a change.

I was a moderator on my committee. And I’m very proud of the document which we were working on. I had a team who I’m really excited about. We have three main ideas on our recommendation: one about child care, one about women’s empowerment in work places with an education and one about social security in developing countries.

Stefan Vasilev
Student, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Stefan Vasilev

Definitely the main purpose is to communicate with a lot of people, to exchange ideas with the experts in your field, and also to send a message about our ideas.

Governments always appreciate opinions from young people who are thinking out of the box. I hope they will appreciate our recommendations too.

Victoria Pilbeam
Student, Australian National University
Victoria Pilbeam

I think it’s really great to bring a lot of young people together to talk about important issues. It’s always a good idea. Mostly it's important to meet amazing people who really like to be engaged and are really passionate about different issues.

We looked on the questions: young women’s’ careers and family. We made some pretty concrete recommendations.

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